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  • Name: Timothy Joseph Alexander

    Company Name: Lighthouse Security, LLC

    Expertise: School Safety Consulting/Investigations|Physical Security Assessments|Security Program Consulting|Training

    URL: www.lighthousesecurityllc.com

    Email: tja.alexander@gmail.com

  • Name: Jonathan A. Cherry

    Company Name: Senators Security Consulting, LLC

    Expertise: Security Program Consulting|School Safety Consulting/Investigations|Threat & Risk Assessments|Physical Security Assessments|Investigations|Executive Protection

    Travel: US only|International

    PI Licenses: DE - PI License

    Email: Jonathan.Cherry65@yahoo.com

  • Name: Margaret H. Coggins, Ph D.

    Company Name: M. H. Coggins & Associates, LLC

    Expertise: School Safety Consulting/Investigations|Workplace Violence Consulting/Investigations|Insider Threat Consulting/Investigations|Investigations|Threat & Risk Assessments

    URL: www.mhcoggins.com

    Email: margaret@mhcoggins.com

  • Name: Mary L. Davidson

    Company Name: Davidson Global Security

    Expertise: School Safety Consulting/Investigations|Active Shooter Training|Security Program Consulting|Cyber Security Consulting/Investigations|Workplace Violence Consulting/Investigations|Insider Threat Consulting/Investigations|Threat & Risk Assessments|Training|Physical Security Assessments|Investigations|Executive Protection

    PI Licenses: CA - PI License

    URL: www.davidsonglobalsecurity.com

    Email: davidsonml@me.com

  • Name: kenneth M. Donohue

    Company Name: Donohue and Associates

    Expertise: Physical Security Assessments|Security Program Consulting|Investigations

    Travel: US only

    PI Licenses: FL - PI License

    Email: kennethdonohue@yahoo.com

  • Name: Richard Ferretti

    Company Name: ADP

    Expertise: Investigations|Insider Threat Consulting/Investigations|Workplace Violence Consulting/Investigations|Physical Security Assessments|Security Program Consulting|Executive Protection|Threat & Risk Assessments

    Email: richardferretti88@gmail.com

  • Name: John Gill

    Company Name: Kaseware

    Expertise: Workplace Violence Consulting/Investigations|School Safety Consulting/Investigations|Investigations

    URL: www.vidsys.com

    Email: jagill23@gmail.com

  • Name: William C. Killgallon

    Company Name: Commonwealth Strategic Consultants

    Expertise: Training|Cyber Security Consulting/Investigations|School Safety Consulting/Investigations|Insider Threat Consulting/Investigations|Executive Protection|Physical Security Assessments|Threat & Risk Assessments|Workplace Violence Consulting/Investigations|Security Program Consulting|Investigations|Fact-Finding/Administrative Investigation

    Travel: International

    URL: https://www.ge.com/digital/

    Email: ars287@hushmail.com


    Company Name: LaSorsa & Associates

    Expertise: Personal Protection Certification|Executive Protection|Physical Security Assessments|School Safety Consulting/Investigations|Active Shooter Training|Threat & Risk Assessments|Training|Workplace Violence Consulting/Investigations|Insider Threat Consulting/Investigations|Fact-Finding/Administrative Investigation|Investigations|Polygraph Exams|Technical Security Counter Measures|Security Program Consulting

    Travel: International

    PI Licenses: VA - PI License|NC - PI License|FL - PI License|DC - PI License

    URL: www.lasorsa.com

    Email: jal@lasorsa.com

  • Name: Todd Madison

    Company Name: Household Services LLC,.

    Expertise: Investigations|Threat & Risk Assessments|Physical Security Assessments|Executive Protection

    Travel: International

    Email: todd.a.madison@gmail.com

  • Name: Gregory A. Mays

    Company Name: Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security

    Expertise: Executive Protection|Physical Security Assessments|Threat & Risk Assessments|Security Program Consulting|Investigations|Workplace Violence Consulting/Investigations|Insider Threat Consulting/Investigations|Training|School Safety Consulting/Investigations

    Travel: International|US only

    Email: gmays3862@gmail.com

  • Name: Michael R. Novak

    Company Name: GSD Strategic Security Services, LLC

    Expertise: Workplace Violence Consulting/Investigations|School Safety Consulting/Investigations|Insider Threat Consulting/Investigations|Active Shooter Training|Fact-Finding/Administrative Investigation|Executive Protection|Physical Security Assessments|Threat & Risk Assessments|Security Program Consulting

    Travel: US only

    Email: mrnovak1811@gmail.com

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